Honed To A Fine Edge

We are Northern Arizona University’s true lumberjacks, reflecting the roots of traditional forestry practices through Logging Sports.



 Our team at NAU was founded shortly after the School of Forestry was established in 1958. However, interest faded in the 1980s and Logging Sports was disbanded until our reestablishment in 2008.

Now comprised of roughly 20 people, our team meets several days a week to hone our skills in competitive forestry applications, learn equipment maintenance/repair, and to spend time in the great outdoors.

We compete using crosscut saws, racing axes, chainsaws, and other tools to test our skills and knowledge in different disciplines.

We welcome all who have an interest in learning about this sport. No prior experience or skills are necessary. Get ahold of us in the contact tab for more information on the team and practice structure.

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April 1st to April 3rd this Spring 2020, Northern Arizona University is hosting the 81st annual Association of Western Forestry Clubs Conclave. This is the premier event for collegiate logging sports in the western US. Around 15 schools and over 100 competitors may be involved.

In order to host Conclave, our team asks for monetary support and help from generous volunteers. Visit the support tab for information on how you can help.

Access our GoFundMe page here. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and contribute to the success of our team and the AWFC Conclave.

We greatly appreciate individuals who volunteer to assist us in hosting the AWFC Conclave, and would be unable to  without their generosity. Volunteers will be involved with timing and judging events. No prior experience necessary. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering during Conclave.

Our team is always looking for new partners and sponsorships. We have the opportunity to advertise across our social media, at team events, and during Conclave.

Our team seeks monetary support, prizes, and food for competitors. Contact us if you are interested in starting a partnership with our team.


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